Environmental Tools/Products Gifted To Schools, Communities And Industry. Sponsored By The "Bigwater Foundation". (501c3 Non Profit)

. What's in a name? Goats are known to chomp on and eat just about anything which includes trash. Add water, ...WATERGOAT!

. Currently 81 Watergoat's capturing floatable trash throughout the southeast United States.

. Watergoat's are virtually indestructible, inexpensive and easy/safe to maintain.

. Watergoat's attach easily to embankments, headwalls or stormwater outfalls. Perfect for applications in canals, streams, lakes or open water seawalls.

. Watergoat's only displace 1/4" of water which allows free storm water flow regardless of velocity.

. Devices raise and lower with rapidly changing water levels on Spuds. Torrential rain events have little effect on ability to capture debris.

. Watergoats can be easily and safely maintained without ever entering a waterway. Device is designed to be pulled and cleaned from embankment or head-wall with common pool scoops or nets.

. Devices are manufactured with the finest marine grade components available to provide no less than seven years of performance in the harshest of conditions.

. Watergoat's are provided to schools, municipalities and communities for adoption through the "Bigwater Rescue/Foundation 501c3". (Working in complete conjunction with local StormWater Depts.) Corporate sponsorship of each Watergoat is desired.

. Watergoat Data? Each Watergoat will vary in debris amounts collected but most average no less than 124 lbs per month throughout the southeast United States.This data is more than imortant as it provides great educational oppourtunities using data and photos that sometimes shock, frighten and dismay.

. We go back! For the past 25 years like so many other groups and organizations, we have been looking for feasible - safe ways to prevent debris from pouring into our big waters after each rain event. Shoreline clean-ups and eco-events are great but in truth we need to quickly start making progress on a much larger scale. Watergoat's enable corporations to help in each community with positive environmental branding that works 24/7! We simply offer a much deserved 'return' on blue/green investments.


  Trashy Fact: Watergoat's in 81 locations provide big data ,..for each 100lbs of debris captured - on precise average - 72% will consist of plastic bottles with the remainder comprised of glass bottles, styrene products,  bags, aluminum and misc items. Plastic bottles have become the scourge of the Earth!

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     Simple Solutions, Educational Data And Community Participation Always Provide Success!

Watergoat environmental products are gifted only through the "Bigwater Rescue/Foundation" (501c3). Partnerships  between communities, corporate entities and environmental organizations will always provide success. Program success is dependent on long standing relationships with corporations that seek a true return on 'Blue/Green Investments'. "Bigwater Rescue/Foundation" provides data driven education, environmental branding and enhanced community outreach with each and every endeavor.