F       O       U       N       D       A       T       I       O       N

 Here in Florida we can no longer have conversations about environmental concerns without mentioning the economy, realistic growth expectations and tourisim. The "Bigwater Rescue Foundation" fully understands these direct correlations and strives to build relationships between the business community, governing agencies, schools, municipalities and communities so that eco-challenges become winnable.

  By providing real time environmental data from over 100 locations throughout Florida we are gifting transparent, unbiased powerful information that can be used to redirect efforts, allocate funding or protect sensitive areas of our once pristine land/seascapes.

  On average, a 'Watergoat' storm-water debris collection device will capture 124.5lbs of debris every 27 days. The captured contents are the real storytellers as it will most always consist of plastic water bottles, styrene cups/containers, plastic cups, plastic bags, aluminium cans and other misc items. ... The Bigwater Rescue/Foundation will never practice "corporate shaming" by revealing Brand totals.