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WATERGOAT and Watergoat Brand Environmental Tools. Bigwater Rescue/Foundation 501c3 is based in Crystal River, Florida on the Gulf Of Mexico. 

WATERGOAT is a Brand/TradeMark of many environmental tools and Data Driven Environmental Programs. The Watergoat devices excel at preventing incredible amounts of debris from ever making it to the beloved Oceans.

WATERGOAT started officially maintaining the waterways and developing eco-tools in 2006. We have never solicited donations, actively applied for Grants or acquired profit. WATERGOAT relies on many generous partnerships with corporate entities that desire a true return on blue/green investments. WATERGOAT products are generously gifted to municipalities, schools, environmental groups and communities. ​

Proud as can be of our work over the seasons, take the basic Watergoat as an example - to date there are 102 Watergoats in five states preventing trash from entering big waters. Each Watergoat captures (on average) 112 lbs. of floating debris every month! The collected data is more than impressive and soon we will coordinate all of the many Watergoat efforts into a singular Portal. (WATERGOAT or the affiliates will never use collected data to practice 'Corporate/Brand Shaming' at any level. We simply feel that once a product is purchased it becomes the responsibility of the purchaser to dispose of the container properly.)

If you need a Watergoat or some of our other environmental products, you will be speaking with a seasoned team that are ready to help.

Meet You Downstream Where The Water Is Cleaner!​

​​​​Disclaimer, the NonProfit group (WATERGOAT) and or licensed suppliers will never endorse Political Parties or persons seeking to attain elected positions at any level. (WATERGOAT) will never comment or offer opinion on social/political/religious issues. Collected data from WATERGOAT locations will only be used for the expressed purpose of environmental education/mitigation - completely void of corporate brand or product shaming. ... "Saving The Ocean Starts With Us"

In other words, ... please don't ask us about "Climate Change", "Veganism", "Politics" or who muckedup the waters!


WATERGOAT StormWater Trash Barriers

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We are so thankful for the many friends made along the way. Here is a list of those who have contributed greatly on behalf of our waterways:

Surfing Evolution & Preservation Foundation / RonJons

​Grady Pridgen Inc.

Bank Of America

BluKoin Holdings

WalMart Corporation

Chevron Refineries Intl.

University Of Florida 

​UF Lakewatch ... Dr. Daniel Canfield

CBRE Intl. Commercial Brokers Richard Ellis

Disney World - Reedy Creek

​Pinellas County Environmental PWorks

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful

​Savannah Riverkeepers

Marine Discovery Center

​Sarasota County Environmental

Municipalities who have adopted Watergoats: 

Augusta, Ga.                                  Largo, Fl.

Tampa, Fl.                                      Kissimmee, Fl.

Miami, Fl.                                       Temple Terrace, Fl.

Clearwater, Fl.                               Fairfax, Virginia

New Smyrna Beach, Fl.                Pinellas Park, Fl.

EdgeWater, Fl.                               Pinellas County, Fl.

Sarasota, Fl.                                   Dallas, Tx.

Carbondale, Ill.                              St. Petersburg, Fl.

Hillsborough County, Fl.              Citrus Park, Fl.

Sebring, Fl.                                     West Palm Beach, Fl.

Seminole, Fl.                                  Harbor Bluffs, Fl.

Venice, Fl.                                       Lealman District, Fl.

Many Additional Private Properties/Ranches, Office Parks, Ports and Industrial Complexes.

Thank you!



WATERGOAT.org StormWater Trash Barriers
WATERGOAT StormWater Trash Barriers

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