'Streams, Canals, Lakes and Ponds'



. Best applications - Streams, Canals and Lakes.

. WATERGOAT has been preventing trash from entering big waters since 2006. Since that date over 130 Watergoats have been deployed in public waterways. Many of our devices are installed on private/commercial properties.

. That Name! Goats are known to eat almost anything and everything, most of all trash.

. WATERGOAT COLORS - Safety Yellow, Sea Foam Green and Sunset Orange.

. WATERGOAT SIZES - From 40' to 200'. Watergoats are also available in 35' connectable sections. 

. WATERGOAT PRODUCTS include: WATERGOAT Trash Barrier, WATERGOAT Industrial Trash Barrier, WATERGOAT Aquatic Plants & WATERGOAT RedTide. (See 'Products' Page)

. WATERGOAT DATA depends on placement within a StormWater grid. A single WATERGOAT will capture (on average) 119lbs of floating trash per month. WATERGOAT placements - Southeastern U.S.